These are the benefits you can expect when joining Levi9!

Hybrid work with flexible start

At Levi9, you have the freedom to work either from home or the office with a flexible starting time. This arrangement allows for personalized work schedules that consider work-related company duties, pre-agreed team obligations, and your personal preferences. Upon completing your probationary period, you will be provided with a home office budget, allowing you to select and customize the necessary equipment for your work-from-home setup based on your individual preferences.

Work environment

Our offices provide unlimited access to fruit and beverages throughout the year, as well as ice cream during the summer season. The Belgrade office offers free parking lots, whereas the office in Novi Sad has a garage for accommodating bikes. When you want to recharge your batteries, our offices offer different amenities you can enjoy in: game room, table tennis, pool, massage chair, etc. For dog lovers, Levi9 also offers dog-friendly parts of the office in Belgrade.

Vacation days loyalty program

Upon starting your employment at Levi9, you will be entitled to 23 days of annual leave. This allocation can increase up to 30 days depending on your tenure.

Additional days off

There are special days in life when the attention should not be divided. This is why we have special policies for additional days off on occasions such as weddings, moving, the day your child enrolls in elementary school, etc.

Paid sick leave

Levi9 provides full payment for a total of 10 days of sick leave per year, including 3 days that do not require a doctor’s note. These 3 days can be utilized independently or in combination throughout the year.

Private health insurance

All Niners are provided with additional private insurance as soon as they join Levi9. This private insurance comes with an annual premium of up to €5,000, which is fully covered by Levi9. The option to extend this insurance to include family members is also available.

Levi9 Academy

Levi9 is the place where you can develop yourself in every phase of your career. Therefore, we established Levi9 Academy to support you in advancing your career. Levi9 Academy covers different learning programs, activities and unlimited access to online courses on Udemy for business platform, that will boost your technical, leadership, business and soft skills development. Depending on your learning style and personal development plan you will have the possibility to choose between multiple options that will fit your developmental need – whether you want to learn something new or to share your knowledge with colleagues at Levi9 and IT community. Since we are fully committed to fostering a culture of learning, to support this mission, we allocate team education budgets, enabling employees to acquire competence and certifications in their desired fields while attending professional conferences, training, or obtaining expert literature tailored to their needs.

Onboarding plan

The onboarding process is a crucial stage in welcoming and integrating new employees into Levi9. During this period, your Buddy, Department Manager, and Talent Partner will play vital roles in providing support through various aspects. Together, they will make sure to provide you wholeheartedly welcome with a supportive and comprehensive onboarding experience, fostering a sense of belonging and setting the foundation for your success within Levi9.

Ownership of development plan

We embrace a flexible and continuous approach to personal development plans, empowering you to create your own career development plan. Your manager will provide guidance and support throughout this process.

Personalized wellbeing package

In order to promote healthy and well-balanced lifestyles among our Niners, we have developed personalized wellbeing packages. On a quarterly basis, each employee can select one of 20 packages that best aligns with their interests within categories of health, sports, and culture (fitpass, massages, spa, cinema, theater, etc.)

Sports activities

We inspire our employees to stay physically active and organize weekly sports activities both outdoors and in the office: pilates/yoga, as well as football and basketball sessions. Additionally, gym facilities are available at our Belgrade and Novi Sad locations. For all running enthusiasts, we have been supporting and participating in marathons for years, including the Business Run, Zrenjanin Marathon, and Belgrade Marathon.

Social & family activities

Annually, we foster team spirit through Team and Company Team buildings, as well as engaging in Happy Hour activities, Anniversary celebrations, New Year’s Eve festivities, etc. Furthermore, we organize activities that can be enjoyed with your partner and kids, including company parties, charitable movements, kids’ show and special gifts for them to celebrate New Year, as well as vouchers to welcome new members of your family.

Referral bonus

When hiring new candidates, we encourage our employees to recommend a person they believe would fit Levi9 and the position itself. If we hire the person you recommended for the available job, you will receive a referral bonus according to the candidate’s seniority.

Discount program

This program is designed to bring together all business partners with whom we have a discount agreement on services or product (various restaurants, shops, foreign language schools, gyms…). As a Levi9 employee, you will receive a card that is used as an identification for a discount.