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We empower our people to grow and excel!

There are several student opportunities within Levi9. Check out what is in focus at the moment and scroll down for more details about all opportunities.

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Student internship

In Levi9, we work closely with local universities for training and internships, keeping a strong link between the curriculum and real-life practice.

We offer an individual approach to students in internship programs, with the possibility of working for us in the future. The individual approach means that each practitioner has a personal mentor.

MasterClass program

The MasterClass is Levi9’s unique way of introducing new colleagues into the IT world! We offer paid mentoring with the possibility of permanent employment afterwards.

You will get the chance to attain a course organized internally within Levi9 Technology Services. During and after the course, you will have the opportunity to work on different projects. From the beginning of this course, you will become part of a great family of Levi niners.

Programs in Zrenjanin office

Our Winter Workshop gives you 6 weeks of blended learning approach – theory, video materials, and solving tasks with the mentors.

Cloud Serverless JavaScript Program is open to students, graduates, and those who want to improve their knowledge and learn about cutting-edge technologies during 6 weeks mentorship program.

5 Days in the Cloud

5 days in the Cloud is a student hackathon organized by Levi9 company and the Association of Electrical Engineering Students of Europe – EESTEC from Novi Sad.
It has now been a traditional occasion where students can show their knowledge and learn new skills, mentored by a skillful technical team. It represents an improved version of the competition we successfully organized for 15 years, called “5 Days in the Java”.


The Code9 project represents a series of interactive workshops for final-year students from Novi Sad University and the University of Belgrade, organized by Levi9 in cooperation with the student association EESTEC in Novi Sad and the School of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade.

Code9 Workshops are meant to give the students a chance to learn more about the IT industry trends and gain new web programming skills necessary for their future professional careers.


Having a scholarship during your studies could be one of the best things you could get. It’s not just about the prize you get, but the contacts that will follow! Levi nine’s scholars receive a monthly scholarship, mentorship, and networking with IT experts on the way.

We have run this program since 2013. and so far, more than 50 students have taken part in it. Many are still developing their careers in the company that supported their first steps.

High school internship

High school internships are an initiative we are extremely proud of, that originated at our Delivery Center in Serbia, in 2023. The internship program for high school students was designed with the goal of our experts sharing knowledge and experiences with young programming enthusiasts. 

We offer a several-week project-based experience that provides insight into working in an IT company within a collaborative team environment, guided by mentors that are always available to assist you.